Description: Description: C:\Users\Rudi\Desktop\htdocs\images\Fact_F1.gifFact Finder Software was established in 1979 as a software development and consulting firm with offices in Santa Monica, California and Seattle, Washington.

The initial focus of the company was to provide consulting services for mainframe database users, but Fact Finder shifted its attention to the embryonic microcomputer market in 1980.

The company initially developed a number of programmers' tools and end user applications which were released for the Apple II, Apple /// and IBM PC. These included a disk-based word processor and one of the first PC communications programs to support 1200 baud operation.

Fact Finder Software also provided consulting services to a variety of clients, including Ashton-Tate, Borland, Software Publishing, Apple Computer, CalFed, and State Farm Insurance as well as a number of law firms in southern California.

Returning to the founders' interest in information management, Fact Finder developed its first "text storage and retrieval" product, sold as "DataFax" in 1982.

In 1983 the company began the development of FactFinder for the Macintosh, a text storage and retrieval application which was introduced in September 1984 and which continues in use today. This application was received very favorably by the market, with many thousands of satisfied customers. It was heralded by Byte Magazine as being of sufficient technical novelty that it warranted a separate preview article.

Although the application continued to be well reviewed and was popular among its user community, the developers moved to other things.

Fact Finder Software continued to receive many requests for a new version, particularly one that would run on Windows and Linux.

Therefore we decided in 2005 to completely redesign and reimplement the application in Java, addressing most of the issues that had been raised by our user community.

That reimplementation, FactFinder II, is now at a late alpha stage of development, and we are looking for willing users once we are prepared to embark on a beta program.

The links below will allow you to learn about the new features and benefits provided by this product, as well as providing a way for you to enter our BETA program. Ideally we would like to find users who liked the original FactFinder but want something more uptodate that will meet the needs of 2011.

(LINKS will be provided very soon.)

FactFinder Beta